Open and Enclosed Car Transport

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Open and Enclosed Car Transport

We offer both open and enclosed transport.

Open Car Transport

Open car transport is the most common and economical way of transporting your vehicle. It works for any model of vehicle. Whether you are shipping an everyday car, luxury, or sports car, an open carrier is the standard method to ship it. CarUShip offers open shipping, which refers to carriers with the capacity to haul eight to ten cars at a time. This type of shipping is the industry standard, and nearly all cars travel by this method. Most customers transport their vehicles by open shipping, and these car carriers are seen daily on highways and freeways. CarUShip assigns only one truck and driver to transport your vehicle, the one that comes for your vehicle will be the one who will also deliver it.
We have two main types of open car transport trailers:

1. A single-level multi-car trailer

This trailer can load from one to three cars. These trailers are usually meant for short distances so you probably will not see many of these driving across the country. They can be used for long-distance deliveries but that is not very common. A single-level multi-car trailer can be faster and more versatile when navigating residential areas. This type of transport is also convenient for non-running vehicles.

2. Single-deck tractor-trailer

This trailer is meant for one vehicle and is often preferred for expedited services.

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed car transport is the best type of transport if you are worried about bad weather, dirt, pollution, theft or any problem that may bother you. It provides a higher degree of protection for your vehicle. The prices are a bit higher than open car transport but that is reasonable since there is nothing to worry about. Enclosed car transport is usually recommended for more expensive, classic, and exotic cars. We assign only one truck and driver to transport your vehicle.
Under our umbrella are thousands of five-star rated carriers who understand the job and with whom we have great collaboration and experience.

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